Wednesday, April 04, 2007

wow wee.... butt--kicking!

1. I got my 2nd traffic ticket. The first was in Oregon for speeding - 95 bucks for driving at 75mph. The second one came at Bayan Lepas FIZ just out of Intel opposite Agilent for talking on the handphone while driving - RM200? Call me stupid for not bribing but I try not to compromise my integrity, if I can help it. :(

2. Suspected hand made bomb on the Penang bridge today - the authority closed the bridge. :O Massive jam from start to the end of coastal stretching towards Bayan Lepas. Tonnes of people out of their cars sitting by the road side. Opposite side/direction of the road, as usual... the kepohs (I prefer to call them the overconcerns), they caused another jam unnecessarily.

3. Went to work at 5.30am today. Got back at 5.30pm. No breaks in between with back to back meetings. 1 bottle of yoghurt drink + 2 packet of Mamees for 'lunch'.
Got me desperate - arrived early at dinner place and decided to eat BY MYSELF while waiting for my friends to turn up. Desperado - I've never done that before.

This month's Cleo article writes 'How to make your life kick butt!' - '#1 Shake up the routine' I think with the 3 unusual happenings, my life is SO butt-kicking! Haha~

Monday, April 02, 2007

weekly update #1

I've decided to write at least ONE post per week - so just to keep this blog alive, and since this is my first attempt on this new errand, it'll be on what I've been up to this past week cos I can't think of anything better to write. Better suggestions?

I've been going to work at 6+am for the past week and by the end of the day, I usually feel like a dead fish. We didn't have cg this week because yours truly who was supposed to lead a bible study discussion, instead had to stay in bed to recuperate from insuffient rest. :( But those guys went for yummy banana leaf rice instead. *green*

Apart from that, we had an interesting Korean visitor (works in the US) conducting days of interesting yet DEEP STUFF classes. Funnily, he reminds of iceberg! It's the eyes and the face shape I think. Heh~ Anyway, he was a funny senior engineer who makes jokes during our 'lawatan sambil belajar' to the assembly/manufacturing line - which was one of the major highlights of my week. I had to dress up in a smog (jacket like, not the bunny suit!) and ESD wraps for the feet. Since the only suit I was able to loan was an XL, I ended up looking like a clown, flip-flopping my way around the production for 2 hours in an oversized jacket! Tiring, but very interesting to see our design work being manufactured.

Friday celebrated Joash's silver jubilee Birthday. :) We hung out with Kath & Bob for lunch and a movie and had a quiet Italian dinner after. The day after was more exciting with more friends for Jap buffet - where a few guys were over-sake-ed with pink rosy cheeks!
Having been in PG for almost 2 years, I finally went up Penang Hill. The train ride was SLLOOOOOOOWWWWWW and by the time we were up there it was already dark. However, the night view from the island's highest point was breathtakingly beautiful! Makes me feel proud of this little island. :)

That's almost the end of my week. Blessed to have today as a replacement holiday - good for catching up with laundry and a long-time-no-see friend for a 3-hour lunch before she heads off to UK for good? :) My heart smiles for her for this great new beginning and an exciting new journey ahead.

"My head is too big, and my arms are too small. Have you thought this plan through and if it could work? Master?"

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cheers, to blogging and to traveling!

I'm a lousy blogger. I've only written 3 posts since my return from US (and the last one don't even count) - that's 3 posts in 6 months. :( So why didnt I write more? LAZY! Also, I never see myself as a person who writes well. But the lack of practise just makes it worse, I think. I'm even struggling to write this one, there's such great temptation to just close this whole window. :p

So, here's announcing that I'll be away... (again) but this time shorter - just for 10 weeks I'll be working from our Oregon site. Not as exciting as the last trip where I get to do the whole West Coast thingy. This time round, I'll need to stay put in ONE state. But I'll always be tempted to spend time at my favourite - the evergreen state, Washington for the weekends. In fact, I'm making my land in Seattle to spend my weekend over at Alex's place to recover from jetlag prior to starting work. Our company's jet planes make it convinient to hop on the plane to/fro various sites. :)

I'm not sure if I want to start a different blog for this trip like I did last year - because I'll just end up not updating it and it'll eventually just end up looking pathetic as time goes by, just like this one.
Are you sensing the sadness here? Is this what people mean by "emo"? Heh~

So, leavin' on the jetplane it is. I'll miss people. Lots and lots of people.
(Let's just hope I don't get homesick in the cold Northwest!)

And, here's a toast to blogging. Cheers! This post made it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Do I talk too much?

I've come to realise that, sometimes I do not know how to guard my tongue.
I do wish I could be a nicer person to be around and stop offending people with what I say; especially without realising, or I'd stop being sarcastic for that matter.

SORRY if I've ever done that to you.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Just a step out of the staircase

I learn a new quote today, it's something I've been reminded constantly of lately. Martin Luther King Jr puts them in no-better words "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

As an ordinary warm-blooded person, I succumb into the need of knowing everything of what I'm being called into. Why, how, when, what, who, where? These are my favourite 5 Ws, probing for details. Yes, I'm a big fan for details.

But through recent happenings (er, ranging from one & half years ago til now actually) - but a fuller concentration of them within the past month, by the mercy & grace of God I've been taught to take little steps back and breathe - to chill and look up and hopefully see a bigger picture and trust that God will bring me through.

This, I must say is a different part of myself I'm trying to discover, or shall I say develop. Of course, with the past 23 years being a meticulous perfectionist, I thought I was beginning to have a split-personality disorder! Yet with the mighty hand upon my life, I'm still doing okay. Heh. Confused which to be sometimes, surprised I can handle both sides of me in balance ocassionally, and every now and then check with people around me if I'm changing, this also requires me to take a little step back and try to imagine the bigger picture, or better - trust, ah even better - have faith.


What's life without all these adventures? Where's the excitement if you've seen where the staircase is leading, yea?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Backie back, I am!

Back to home sweet home, I have. :)
The 3-month summer journey has ended. And it sure was good, no, GREAT!

Worked with principal engineers, senior staffs, intimidating & inferior; yet fulfilling and rewarding. Tough & stressful; yet learned a bunch.
Rob & Beth and their dog Sunny, Todd & Christy, Mike, Clint & Latsy and their son Jonny Walker (no kidding!).... of course, their Golden Retriever Max (but I prefer to call him Shadow~), Barry, Max & Stacey, Ben & Kelly, Sheldon & Nancy, David & Naoko, John, ALEX!!!!!; it was sure great time spent. Thank YOU for treating me like family.
Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona. The whole west coast I've toured, from the evergreen state to the beaver state to the golden state and the grand canyon state. I love 'em all. :) Desserts, hills, mountains, snow, evergreen trees, beautiful beautiful blooms, wide green pastures, farms, beaches, lakes, rivers, little bavarian town, cities, gay community, First starbucks, San Juan Island, San Francisco, Hollywood, Disneyland, national parks, Universal Studio, Capa Lava; I could see Canada from there! And, I almost saw Japan. :p Toes burried in the sands of the pacific ocean, clear open skies, huge cactuses, meerkats, alpacos, illamas, cows, pigs & sheep. The 4th of July, celebration of the great American Independence. Fireworks!!!!
The cool weather, the sunny weekends, the dessert heat, the gloomy rainy last few days; as if they were bidding us farewell.
Shopping oh... the shopping spree weekend. CRAZY! My first live soccer match; Yes it was Real Madrid, American Football; I like! Boardgames, scrabbles, crosswords, Boggles. Rented DVDs! SO many outdoor BBQs in the summer! Don't forget the crazy driving & the speeding ticket! The Puyallup state fair; owh... Funnel Cake & Strawberry shortcakes, LOTS of cheesssssseeeeeeeee, chips & crackers, DIPS! Beth's waffles, Nancy's pie, Latsi's dessert. All the homemade BBQ steaks, Owh, I'd give credit to Alex's pastas too. :) BREADDDDDDDDDSSSSSS! (Yes, bread!) Always with Krisy Kreme doughnuts when I drop by DuPont office. They get fat because of this small Asian girl. >:) Thank you DuPont's chinese super buffet, I enjoy a taste of home with you. Ben & Jerry, Red Robin, Applebees, Macaroni Grill; when are you coming to Malaysia? *grin
Yummy Japanese cuisine & lots of Thais; yet I remembered the crave for rendang & Nasi Lemak. Remember the drive to Portland and we all just couldn't stop listing what we missed!?! Heh! Malay Satay Hut Malaysian Restaurant up in Seattle to save the crave, 50USD steak at El Gauchos, Alex's parents' cooking, yes... their hospitality, warmth & friendliness. I'm sorry Pushkin died.
Mojitos, coctails, Mike's hard lemonade, Irish bar, Mediterranean belly-dancing bar, Engine House 9, Alcohol rash; err.. twice for that.
Alex's warm & cozy neighbourhood.... And his neighbour who's always working on her yard... Suzzanne.. how can I forget the friendly chatty lady. *smiles*

Funny that I visited so many famous & amazing places but what I remember & treasure from the trip most is ordinary hangouts but with terrific, wonderful, great & extraordinary people.

America, a land of dreams...... because of the hearts that live there.
(No wonder I cried so much when I saw The World Trade Center.Heh~)

Thank You God, for the enriching experience. I shall never forget.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


*JengJengJeng* Just 6 more days to go.....

All my bags are packed - err, still packing.
Im ready to go - err no, I'm scared.
Im standin here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye - I really do hate goodbyes!
But the dawn is breakin
Its early morn
The taxis waitin
Hes blowin his horn
Already I'm so lonesome - Flying there alone. :(
I could die - No-lah, won't die, but will be sad.

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that youll wait for me - I know you will :D
Hold me like youll never let me go
cause Im leavin on a jet plane
Dont know when Ill be back again - Er, just 3 months - la :)
Oh babe, I hate to go

Theres so many times Ive let you down
So many times Ive played around
I tell you now, they dont mean a thing
Evry place I go,
Ill think of you - YES!
Evry song I sing,
Ill sing for you - YES YES YES!
When I come back,
Ill bring your wedding ring - Er, NO~ :p

Now the time has come to leave you
One more timeLet me kiss you
Then close your eyesIll be on my way
Dream about the days to come - :)
When I wont have to leave alone
About the times, I wont have to say

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that youll wait for me
Hold me like youll never let me go
cause Im leavin on a jet plane
Dont know when Ill be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

Oh oh, I feel like an astronout now. :p I'M SCARED!
I'm sorry if I'll be missing your convocation, but behold I will send a representative. *grin